check up
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check up
Synonyms: scrutinize, canvass, check over, con, examine, inspect, study, survey, vet, view

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check up
ADJ. thorough | regular | annual, monthly, etc. | routine | dental, health, medical VERB + CHECK-UP go for, have At your age, you should have regular check-ups.
do, give (sb) The company doctor does check-ups on Wednesdays.

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an examination of a patient by a doctor
I went to have my annual check-up last week.

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check up
v. To find out or try to find out the truth or correctness of something; make sure of something; investigate.
Mrs. Brown thought she had heard a burglar in the house, so Mr. Brown checked up, but found nobody.
Bill thought he had a date with Janie, but phoned her to check up.

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check up
n. A periodic examination by a physician or of some equipment by a mechanic.
I am overdue for my annual physical check-up.
I need to take my car in for a check-up.

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