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cheque , check /tʃek/ noun [countable]

(=check) حواله ، برات ، چک ، قانون ـ فقه: چک ، برات ، بازرگانی: چک
cheque S2 British English, check American English /tʃek/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1700-1800; Origin: check, influenced by exchequer]
a printed piece of paper that you write an amount of money on, sign, and use instead of money to pay for things
cheque for
They sent me a cheque for £100.
by cheque
Can I pay by cheque?
You could write her a cheque.
cash a cheque (=get cash in exchange for a cheque)
blank cheque, TRAVELLER’S CHEQUE

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ADJ. large | blank | bad, dud, forged | crossed, post-dated, signed | personal | giro, pay, traveller's
VERB + CHEQUE issue, make out, sign, write (out), write sb Shall I make the cheque out to you? Can I write you a cheque?
draw He drew a large cheque on his company's account.
make payable Cheques should be made payable to Toyland plc.
give sb, hand sb, hand over | deposit, pay in She deposited the cheque in her husband's account. I've got to go to the bank to pay this cheque in.
pay by | cash I'll cash a traveller's cheque at the bank.
accept Does the restaurant accept cheques?
clear, honour, pass He was sacked for passing bad cheques.
bounce | cancel, stop | endorse
CHEQUE + VERB bounce The cheque will bounce if your salary doesn't reach your account today.
CHEQUE + NOUN account | (guarantee) card Cheques must be supported by a cheue guarantee card.
book, stub
PREP. ~ for a cheque for ten pounds

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pay by cheque
You can pay by cheque or credit card.
write (out) a cheque
I had to write a cheque for £360 yesterday.
give somebody a cheque
Can I give you a cheque, or would you prefer cash?
make a cheque out/payable to somebody (=write someone's name on a cheque so it is paid to them)
Who shall I make the cheque out to?
enclose a cheque (=send it with a letter by post)
I wrote to the company enclosing a cheque for £49.99.
sign a cheque
You've forgotten to sign the cheque.
pay in a cheque (=pay a cheque into your bank account)
I went to the bank to pay in a couple of cheques.
cancel/stop a cheque (=stop a cheque from being paid to someone)
Don't forget to phone the bank and cancel that cheque.
cash a cheque (=exchange a cheque for the amount of money it is worth)
The company had cashed the cheque but not sent the goods.
accept a cheque (=take a cheque as a form of payment)
We only accept cheques if you have a bank card.
draw a cheque formal (=use a cheque to withdraw money from an account)
Customers can draw cheques for any amount they like on their accounts.
a cheque bounces (=is not paid by a bank because there is not enough money in the account)
The cheque bounced because my account was overdrawn.
a large cheque (=for a lot of money)
Sara was delighted to receive a large cheque in the post.
a blank cheque (=signed but without the amount written on it)
I wasn't sure how much the tickets would be so I gave her a blank cheque.
a post-dated cheque (=with a date on it that is later than the date you write the cheque)
She wanted a post-dated cheque for the next three months' rent.
a pay cheque (=one that you get for doing your job)
My pay cheque arrived at the end of each week.
a traveller's cheque (=a type of cheque that you can exchange for money in another country)
Are you taking some traveller's cheques on holiday?
a cheque book (=a book of cheques that your bank gives you to use)
When you open a bank account you will be given your own cheque book.
a cheque card (=a bank card shown when paying by cheque)
Cheques must be accompanied by a valid cheque card.
a cheque stub (=the part of a cheque that stays in your cheque book when you have written a cheque)
Check your cheque stubs to see when you wrote the cheque.

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BAD: I am enclosing a cheque of £49.
GOOD: I am enclosing a cheque for £49.
BAD: He gave me a cheque £5.
GOOD: He gave me a cheque for £5.

Usage Note:
a cheque for an amount of money: 'He wrote me a cheque for $50.'

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