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cherish /ˈtʃerɪʃ/ verb [transitive]

گرامی داشتن ، تسلی دادن
- cling to, cleave to, encourage, entertain, foster, harbour, hold dear, nurture, prize, sustain, treasure
- care for, comfort, hold dear, love, nurse, shelter, support
Antonyms: abandon, neglect
Contrasted words: reject, repudiate, scorn, disregard, forget, ignore, overlook, slight
Related Idioms: hold in high esteem
Related Words: conserve, preserve, save, entertain, harbor, keep, shelter, defend, guard, safeguard, shield, revere, reverence, venerate

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cherish /ˈtʃerɪʃ/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: cherir, from chier 'dear', from Latin carus]

1. if you cherish something, it is very important to you:
He cherished his privacy.
I cherish the memory of that day.
cherish a hope/an idea/a dream etc
willingness to re-examine cherished beliefs

2. to love someone or something very much and take care of them well:
In marriage, a man promises to cherish his wife.
his most cherished possession

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