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chest /tʃest/ noun [countable]

صندوق ، یخدان ، جعبه ، تابوت ، خزانه داری ، قفسه سینه ، علوم نظامی: صندوق
پزشکی: قفسه صدری

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Synonyms: box, case, casket, coffer, crate, strongbox, trunk

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chest S2 W3 /tʃest/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: cest, from Latin cista 'box, basket', from Greek kiste 'basket']

1. the front part of your body between your neck and your stomach ⇒ breast:
Her heart was pounding in her chest.
a hairy chest
chest pain/infection/injury
He collapsed with severe chest pains.flat-chested

2. a large strong box that you use to store things in or to move your personal possessions from one place to another:
a large wooden chestchest of drawers, tea chest, war chest

3. get something off your chest to tell someone about something that has been worrying or annoying you for a long time, so that you feel better afterwards

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ADJ. broad, manly, massive, muscular, muscled, powerful, strong | narrow, puny | flat She wears loose clothes to hide her flat chest.
bare, naked | hairy, hairless | bad, weak, wheezy | lower, upper
VERB + CHEST clutch (at) Clutching his chest in agony, he fell to the ground.
thump ‘You've got to have courage, ’ he said, thumping his chest.
CHEST + VERB expand, heave, rise and fall | puff (out/up), swell His chest puffed out with indignation at the suggestion. His chest swelled with pride as he accepted the award.
tighten Her chest tightened with fear.
ache She ran until her chest ached.
CHEST + NOUN pain, tightness | injury | ailment, complaint, condition, disease, infection, problems, trouble | radiograph, X-ray | muscles | hair | cavity
PREP. in the/your ~ She was hit in the chest by two of the bullets.
on the/your ~ the hairs on his chest
to the/your ~ He suffered burns to the chest and neck. She clutched her baby tightly to her chest.

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a tall man with a broad chest and shoulders
His arms were folded across his powerful chest.
muscular (=with big muscles)
His chest was tanned and muscular.
His shirt was unbuttoned, revealing a hairy chest.
bare (=not covered by clothes)
The workmen all had bare chests.
bad (=one that is making you cough or giving you pain)
I'm not going running today - my chest is bad.
weak (=one that often gets infections)
As a child her chest was weak.
a chest pain
There are a number of causes of chest pain.
a chest infection
Every time I get a cold I get a chest infection too.
a chest complaint/problem (=something wrong with your chest and causing you pain)
Older people often suffer from chest complaints.
a chest injury/wound
He suffered serious chest injuries in the accident.
a chest X-ray (=a photograph of the inside of your chest, to see if it is healthy)
A chest X-ray showed that there was damage to his lungs.

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