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Church, Charlotte /ˈʃɑːlət $ ˈʃɑːr-/
church /tʃɜːtʃ $ tʃɜːrtʃ/ noun

کلیسایی ، درکلیسامراسم مذهبی بجا اوردن ، عمران: کلیسا

: church (as a building)

معماری: بنای کلیسا
Synonyms: house of worship, house of God, house of prayer, tabernacle, temple, religion, communion, connection, creed, cult, denomination, faith, persuasion, sect
Synonyms: ecclesiastical, churchly, churchmanly, spiritual
English Thesaurus: church, denomination, sect, cult, religion, ...

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Church, Charlotte /ˈʃɑːlət $ ˈʃɑːr-/
(1986–) a British singer from Wales who first became famous when she was still a child. She sings different types of music including opera and pop. She is known for becoming a millionaire at a very young age.

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church S1 W1 /tʃɜːtʃ $ tʃɜːrtʃ/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: cirice, from Late Greek kyriakon, from Greek kyriakos 'of the lord', from kyrios 'lord, master']

1. [countable] a building where Christians go to worship ⇒ cathedral:
a short church service
church bells

2. [uncountable] the religious ceremonies in a church:
Mrs Dobson invited us to dinner after church.
My parents go to church every Sunday.
at church
We didn’t see you at church this morning.

3. [countable] (also Church) one of the separate groups within the Christian religion:
the Catholic Church

4. [singular, uncountable] the institution of the Christian religion, and all the priests and other ministers who are part of it:
the church’s attitude towards marriage
separation of church and state

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I. building where Christians go to worship
ADJ. local, parish, village
VERB + CHURCH build | consecrate, found The church was consecrated in 1250.
dedicate The church is dedicated to St Paul.
CHURCH + NOUN bells, clock, steeple, tower | hall | fete
PREP. at a/the ~ a chamber concert at our local church
in a/the ~ There's an interesting organ in the village church.

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II. meeting for public worship in a church
VERB + CHURCH attend, go to Do you go to church?
CHURCH + NOUN service | music
PREP. after/before ~ Come to our place for lunch after church.
at/in ~ Mrs Parsons wasn't at church this Sunday.

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III. the Church: all Christians regarded as a group
ADJ. early The early Church believed miracles were proof of who Jesus was.
VERB + CHURCH enter, go into He went into the Church (= became a priest) when he was 23.
leave He left the Church after a loss of faith.
CHURCH + NOUN authorities, leaders, member4 particular group of Christians
ADJ. high, low He loves all the high church traditions?incense and processions and vestments.
evangelical, fundamentalist | established (= official), free (= nonconformist) | Christian, etc.
CHURCH + NOUN authorities, elder, leader, member
PHRASES a member of a church

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the local church (=the one in a particular area, or near where you live)
The local church dates from the 12th century.
a parish church British English (=the main Christian church in a particular area)
This is the parish church for three villages near here.
a country/town church
an attractive country church surrounded by trees
a (Roman) Catholic church
I followed the crowds to the Roman Catholic church for Mass.
go to church (also attend church formal) (=go to a regular religious ceremony in a church)
Do you go to church?
marry/get married in a church
I’d like to get married in a church.
a church service (=a religious ceremony in a church)
There’s a church service at 10:30 every Sunday morning.
a church hall (=a large room in a church)
The dance was held in the church hall.
church music
church music for small choirs
church bells
I could hear the church bells ringing.
a church tower
I looked at the clock on the church tower.
a church spire/steeple (=a church tower with a pointed top)
The tall church spires could be seen from far away.
the church choir (=a group of people who lead the singing in a church)
Steve’s a member of the local church choir.
a church wedding (=in a church)
She wants to have a church wedding.

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BAD: Not so long ago nearly everybody used to go to the church.
GOOD: Not so long ago nearly everybody used to go to church.

Usage Note:
See note at SCHOOL 1 (school)

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