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cigarette /ˌsɪɡəˈret $ ˈsɪɡəˌret, ˌsɪɡəˈret/ noun [countable]

(=cigaret) سیگارت ، سیگار
Synonyms: butt, cig, coffin nail, fag, gasper, pill, skag, smoke

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cigarette S2 W3 /ˌsɪɡəˈret $ ˈsɪɡəˌret, ˌsɪɡəˈret/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1800-1900; Language: French; Origin: cigare 'cigar', from Spanish cigarro; cigar]
a thin tube of paper filled with finely cut tobacco that people smoke ⇒ cigar:
a packet of cigarettes

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ADJ. lighted, lit carelessly throwing a lighted cigarette in the litter bin
half-smoked | illicit She slipped outside for an illicit cigarette.
filter tip, hand-rolled, king size, low-tar, menthol
QUANT. pack, packet She smokes a packet of cigarettes a day.
VERB + CIGARETTE smoke | draw on, pull on, suck on He pulled on his cigarette and waited for the train.
light | extinguish, put out, stub out Please extinguish all cigarettes now.
roll She rolls her own cigarettes.
flick (away) The old man flicked his cigarette onto the roadside.
advertise Posters advertising cigarettes have to carry government health warnings.
CIGARETTE + VERB burn The cigarette burned slowly in the ashtray.
glow The cigarettes glowed in the dark.
CIGARETTE + NOUN ash, smoke the smell of stale cigarette smoke
butt, end | case, packet | holder, lighter | smoker | burn | advertising

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a packet of cigarettes British English, a pack of cigarettes American English
How much does a packet of cigarettes cost?
smoke a cigarette
Some of the boys were smoking cigarettes.
light a cigarette
Will went outside and lit a cigarette.
roll a cigarette (=make your own cigarette using special paper)
It’s cheaper to roll your own cigarettes.
put out/stub out a cigarette (=stop it burning)
Kit stubbed out her cigarette in the fireplace.
extinguish a cigarette formal (=put out a cigarette)
The pilot said 'Please extinguish all cigarettes and fasten your seat belts.’
pull on/drag on/draw on a cigarette (=smoke a cigarette with deep breaths)
Ed was leaning out of the window and dragging on a cigarette.
a lit/lighted/burning cigarette
Someone dropped a lit cigarette and started the fire.
a half-smoked cigarette (=that someone has not finished smoking)
There was a half-smoked cigarette in the ashtray.
cigarette smoke
The room was full of cigarette smoke.
cigarette smoking
Everyone knows that cigarette smoking is bad for you.
a cigarette lighter (=something that produces a flame for lighting cigarettes)
Does anyone have a match or a cigarette lighter?
a cigarette packet British English, a cigarette pack American English
Her mother found an empty cigarette packet in her pocket.
cigarette advertising
All cigarette advertising has been banned.
a cigarette butt (also a cigarette end British English) (=the part that remains when you have finished smoking it)
The ashtray was full of old cigarette butts.
cigarette ash
She flicked her cigarette ash onto the ground.
a cigarette case (=a small case for carrying cigarettes in)
a cigarette holder (=a narrow tube for holding a cigarette when you smoke it)

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