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cinema /ˈsɪnəmə, ˈsɪnɪmə/ noun

Synonyms: films, big screen (informal), flicks (slang), motion pictures, movies, pictures

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cinema S3 /ˈsɪnəmə, ˈsɪnɪmə/ noun
[Date: 1900-2000; Origin: cinematograph 'movie camera, movie show' (19-20 centuries), from French cinématographe, from Greek kinema 'movement' + French -graphe 'recording instrument']

1. [countable] especially British English a building in which films are shown Synonym : movie theater American English:
It’s on at the local cinema.

2. the cinema British English if you go to the cinema, you go to a cinema to see a film:
We decided to go to the cinema.

3. [singular, uncountable] the skill or industry of making films ⇒ cinematic:
a leading figure in Italian cinema

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I. place where you go to see a film
ADJ. packed The cinema was packed every night for ‘Shrek’.
multiplex a new multiplex cinema on the edge of town
VERB + CINEMA go to How often do you go to the cinema?
be on at What's on at the cinema tonight?
CINEMA + NOUN screen | audience | advertising, commercial | chain

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II. films in general
ADJ. commercial, Hollywood, mainstream, popular | art, arthouse, independent | avant-garde, modernist, realist, social | silent She started making films in the last years of silent cinema.

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go to the cinema
Why don’t we go to the cinema tonight?
be on/be showing at the cinema
Do you know what’s on at the cinema?
a multiplex cinema (=with several different screens for showing films)
You can see the movie now at your local multiplex cinema.
a 6-screen/12-screen etc cinema
The new leisure complex includes a 12-screen cinema.
a cinema audience (=the people who watch a film)
His new movie is sure to bring in big cinema audiences.
a cinema screen (=the large white surface on which films are shown)
The film was much better on the cinema screen than on TV.
cinema advertising
a cinema advertising campaign for Levi jeans
a cinema chain (=a group of cinemas owned by the same company)
He works for a well-known cinema chain.
cinema release (=the showing of a new film at the cinema)
His film was banned from cinema release for some years.

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BAD: We went to cinema to see 'Who framed Roger Rabbit?'
GOOD: We went to the cinema to see 'Who framed Roger Rabbit?'

Usage Note:
go to the cinema (WITH the): 'Before the baby was born, we used to go to the cinema about once a week.'
See also SCHOOL 1 (school)

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