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City, the (also the ˌCity of ˈLondon)
city /ˈsɪti/ noun (plural cities) [countable]

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Synonyms: town, conurbation, metropolis, municipality
English Thesaurus: city, town, capital, metropolis, urban, ...

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City, the (also the ˌCity of ˈLondon) British English
an area in central London where there are many large banks and financial organizations, including the Bank of England and the stock exchange. The City has an area of about one square mile (about 2.5 square kilometres), and it is sometimes called ‘the Square Mile’, especially in newspapers. Its name is sometimes used to mean people who work there and make financial decisions. There is a similar area in New York City called Wall Street:
The City is optimistic about the outlook for inflation.
a firm of City stockbrokers

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city S1 W1 /ˈsɪti/ noun (plural cities) [countable]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: cité, from Latin civitas 'citizenship, state, city of Rome', from civis; civic]

1. a large important town:
The nearest big city was St. Louis.inner city

a) British English a large town that has been given an official title by a king or queen:
the city of Oxford
b) American English a town of any size that has definite borders and powers that were officially given by the state government:
The city of Cleveland celebrated its 200th birthday with fireworks and an outdoor concert.

3. [usually singular] the people who live in a city:
The city has been living in fear since last week’s earthquake.

4. the city American English the government of a city:
The city is working to improve public transportation.City, the

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ADJ. big, large, major | small | great Rome is one of the great cities of the world.
ancient, historic, old | beautiful | industrial | cosmopolitan | coastal | home, native Her native city is Tokyo.
capital | provincial | cathedral, university | walled the old walled city of York
twin Bonn is Oxford's twin city.
VERB + CITY build, found
CITY + VERB grow The city grew rapidly in the nineteenth century.
CITY + NOUN dweller | centre, street Parking is difficult in the city centre.
council | life
PREP. in a/the ~ We live in a big city.
outside a/the ~ There's a park just outside the city.
PHRASES the centre/middle/heart of a city, the edge/outskirts of a city

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a big/large/major city
They have stores in Houston, Dallas, and other big cities.
a great city (=very important and interesting)
Cairo is one of the world's great cities.
a capital city (=where the government of a country or state is)
Cuba's capital city is Havana.
somebody's home/native city (=where they were born or grew up)
He said that he never wanted to leave his home city.
a cosmopolitan city (=full of people from different parts of the world)
San Francisco is a very cosmopolitan city.
an industrial city
Sheffield is an industrial city in the north of England.
a provincial city (=in a part of the country that is not near the capital)
There have been protests in the capital and in provincial cities.
an ancient city
the ancient city of Jerusalem
a historic city (=very old and with an interesting history)
Budapest is a beautiful and historic city.
a cathedral city (=with a cathedral)
He went to university in the cathedral city of Durham.
a university city (=with a university)
Uppsala is a university city.
a walled city (=surrounded by a wall)
the old walled city of Alghero
a twin city British English (=one that has a special relationship with a similar town in another country)
Strasbourg is Leicester's twin city in France.
the city centre British English, the city center American English
The hotel is in the city centre.
the city limits American English (=the furthest parts of the city)
rural areas south of the city limits
a city dweller (=someone who lives in a city)
In the summer, city dwellers escape to the sea.
city life
the advantages of city life
a city street
Traffic was moving slowly along the city streets.
in the heart of a city
The cathedral is right in the heart of the city.
the outskirts of a city (=the edge)
There were several bombings on the outskirts of the city.
found a city (=start developing a new city)
He founded the city of Baghdad in the 8th century.

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