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class /klɑːs $ klæs/ noun

ردیف ، گروه وزنی ، دانشپایه ، قشر ، کلاس ، دسته ، زمره ، جور ، نوع ، طبقه بندی کردن ، رده ، هماموزگان ، رسته ، گروه ، کامپیوتر: طبقه ، معماری: دسته ، قانون ـ فقه: طبقه ، شیمی: طبقه ، روانشناسی: کلاس ، زیست شناسی: رده ، بازرگانی: دسته ، کلاس ، ورزش: ورزشکار ممتاز
الکترونیک: رده ، طبقه ، کامپیوتر: رده ، زیست شناسی: طبقه ، شیمی: طبقه ، فقهی: ردیف ، طبقه ، گروه وزنی ، ورزشکار ممتاز ، ورزشی: طبقه ، دسته ، بازرگانی: رده ، طبقه ، دسته ، معماری: طبقه ، دانشپایه ، کلاس ، روانشناسی: طبقه ، قشر ، کلاس ، اقتصاد: کلاس ، دسته ، طبقه ، زمره ، جور، نوع ، طبقه بندی کردن ، رده ، هماموزگان ، رسته ، گروه کامپیوتر: کلاس ، فایلهای برنامه Java

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- group, category, division, genre, kind, set, sort, type
- classify, brand, categorize, designate, grade, group, label, rank, rate
Related Words: brand, color, description, feather, genre, grain, ilk, kidney, kind, nature, order, sort, stamp, style, type, bracket, branch, denomination, division, head, section, genus, species, appraise, gauge, judge, divide, part, separate, allot, assign, account, assess, consider, hold, reckon, regard, mark, score
English Thesaurus: class, background, working-class/middle-class etc background, middle-class, white-collar, ...

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I. class1 S1 W1 /klɑːs $ klæs/ noun
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: classe, from Latin classis 'class of citizens, social class']

a) [countable] one of the groups in a society that different types of people are divided into according to their jobs, income, education etc:
a member of the landed class (=people who own land)lower class, middle class, upper class, working class, ⇒ the chattering classes at chatter1(4)
b) [uncountable] the system in which people are divided into these groups:
Defining the concept of class is not an easy task.
The old class system is slowly disappearing.

2. STUDENTS [C, also + plural verb British English]
a) a group of students who are taught together ⇒ classmate
in a class
We’re in the same class for math.
Gary came top of the class in English.
My class are going to the Lake District.
b) American English a group of students who finished studying together in the same year ⇒ classmate:
a class reunion
the class of 1965/2001 etc (=the group of students who finished in 1965 etc)
The class of '69 spent almost as much time protesting as learning.

3. TEACHING PERIOD [uncountable and countable] a period of time during which someone teaches a group of people, especially in a school Synonym : lesson British English:
I missed Bible class last week.
in class (=during the class)
No talking in class!
He was injured in a science class.

4. STUDYING [countable] a series of classes in a particular subject Synonym : course British English
class in
a class in photography at night school
a dance class
Cindy’s taking a class on dealing with stress.

5. SAME TYPE OF SOMETHING [countable] a group of people, animals, or things that are considered together because they are similar in some way
class of
Have you passed a test for this class of vehicle?

6. TRAIN/AIRCRAFT ETC [countable usually singular] one of the different standards of seats, food etc available on a train, aircraft etc
first/business/tourist etc class
We always travel first class.

7. QUALITY [countable] a group into which people or things are divided according to their quality or abilities
nicer/better etc class of something
The port now attracts a wealthier class of visitor.
in a class of its own/in a different class (=better than everything else)
Its sheer versatility puts this computer in a different class.
He’s not in the same class (=not as good) as her at tennis.

8. STYLE/SKILL [uncountable] informal a high level of style or skill in something ⇒ classy
have/show class
The team showed real class in this afternoon’s match.
A fountain will give your garden a touch of class.
class player/actress etc
a class act informal (=someone who is skilful, attractive etc)
Laughton is a class act who’s proved his worth in the game.high-class, low-class

9. UNIVERSITY DEGREE [countable] British English one of the three levels of a university degree:
a second class degree

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II. class2 verb [transitive often passive]
to consider people, things etc as belonging to a particular group, using an official system Synonym : classify
class somebody/something as something
Heroin and cocaine are classed as hard drugs.

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I. lesson/group of students
ADJ. big, large | small | advanced, beginners', elementary, intermediate | biology, history, etc. | evening
VERB + CLASS attend, go to, take He's taking classes in pottery.
miss | hold The institute holds evening classes throughout the year.
conduct, give, take, teach Who's taking the class today?
dismiss Class dismissed!
observe, sit in on
CLASS + NOUN member, teacher | size
PREP. in (a/the) ~ We'll start the exercise in class and you can finish it for homework. Which history class are you in?
~ in She's going to evening classes in Italian.
PHRASES the back/front of the class He sat at the back of the class.
be/come top of the class She came top of the class in maths.

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II. social/economic group
ADJ. lower, lower-middle, middle, upper, upper-middle, working sections of the working class
chattering (informal), educated, landed, landowning, privileged, professional, ruling topics being discussed at the breakfast tables of the chattering classes
dominant | social Membership of gardening clubs is drawn from all social classes.
CLASS + NOUN structure, system | consciousness | interests | conflict, differences, divisions, struggle, war

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III. group of things
ADJ. large, small | distinct | rare
VERB + CLASS form These writers form a distinct class in Russian literature.
PREP. ~ of a rare class of butterflies
PHRASES be in a class of your own/in a different class (= to be much better than sb/sth)

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IV. high quality/style
ADJ. great, real a player of great class
VERB + CLASS have She's got real class.
PHRASES a touch of class The musical entertainment added a touch of class to the occasion.

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social class
Is there a link between crime and social class?
the working/lower class
At this time most of the working class was very poor.
the middle class
A new middle class emerged after the war.
the upper class
Members of the upper class didn’t have to work.
the ruling class (=the people in power)
For a long time, French was the language of the ruling class.
the professional class (=the people with professional jobs)
Doctors, lawyers, and teachers are all members of the professional class.
the landowning/landed class (=the people who own land)
This imposition of taxes angered the landed classes.
the educated class
The educated classes shared certain values and experiences.
the privileged class (=people with advantages because of their wealth, social position etc)
Holidays abroad used to be only for the rich and privileged classes.
belong to a class
Like you, I belong to the working class.
be a member of a class
I suppose I’m a member of the middle class.
a class system/structure (=a social system that has classes)
He felt he was a victim of the class system.
a class division
Nowadays, class divisions are related to economic status.
class differences (=differences that exist because of your class)
There are noticeable class differences in family size.
the class struggle/war (=disagreement or fighting between different classes)
the class struggle between workers and capitalists
class conflict
This is the basis of class conflict in capitalist society.
class consciousness (=being aware of what class people belong to)
There is a high level of class consciousness among the workers.
a French/geography/history etc class
I have a history class at nine o'clock today.
an evening class
Mum goes to an evening class on Tuesdays.
a beginners’/elementary/intermediate/advanced class (=teaching different levels of a subject)
An advanced class might be available.
go to/attend a class
I’ve got to go to a science class now.
attend class (=go to classes regularly)
You can’t pass your exams if you don’t attend class.
take a class (=go to classes as a student)
I’m taking some art classes at the moment.
teach a class
One of the other teachers was ill so I taught her class.
miss a class (=not go to one)
Students who miss classes get behind with their work.
be late for class
David was late for class again.
have a class especially American English (=as a student or teacher)
What classes do you have this morning?
hold a class (=provide a class)
Evening classes are held in the local school.

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See: high-class , second class

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