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classic /ˈklæsɪk/ adjective [usually before noun]

مسابقه های سنتی سالانه ، مطابق بهترین نمونه ، ادبیات باستانی یونان و روم ، باستانی ، مربوط به نویسندگان قدیم لاتین ویونان ، قانون ـ فقه: کلاسیک ، ورزش: پنج مسابقه مهم اسبدوانی سالانه انگلستان
- definitive, archetypal, exemplary, ideal, model, quintessential, standard
- typical, characteristic, regular, standard, time-honoured, usual
- best, consummate, finest, first-rate, masterly, world-class
- lasting, abiding, ageless, deathless, enduring, immortal, undying
- standard, exemplar, masterpiece, model, paradigm, prototype
English Thesaurus: characteristic, quality, feature, property, attribute, ...

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I. classic1 W3 AC /ˈklæsɪk/ adjective [usually before noun]

1. TYPICAL having all the features that are typical or expected of a particular thing or situation
classic example/mistake/case etc
Too many job hunters make the classic mistake of thinking only about what’s in it for them.

2. ADMIRED admired by many people, and having a value that has continued for a long time:
The Coca-Cola bottle is one of the classic designs of the last century.
a collection of classic cars

3. VERY GOOD of excellent quality:
Roy scored a classic goal in the 90th minute.

4. TRADITIONAL a classic style of art or clothing is attractive in a simple traditional way ⇒ classical:
She chose a classic navy suit for the ceremony.

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II. classic2 AC noun [countable]

1. a book, play, or film that is important and has been admired for a long time:
‘La Grande Illusion’ is one of the classics of French cinema.
all-time/modern/design etc classic
The play has become an American classic.

2. something that is very good and one of the best examples of its kind:
What makes a car a classic?

3. classics [plural] the language, literature, and history of ancient Rome and Greece ⇒ classicist:
Judith studied classics at Oxford.

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I. famous book/play, etc.
ADJ. great | minor | contemporary, modern | all-time | pop/popular
PREP. ~ of one of the great classics of English literature

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II. Classics: study of Greek/Roman culture
 ⇒ Note at SUBJECT

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BAD: I prefer classic music to pop.
GOOD: I prefer classical music to pop.

Usage Note:
classic = being among the best or most typical of its class; serving as a standard or model: 'The painting is a classic example of sixteenth-century Venetian art.'
classical music = the music of Mozart, Beethoven, etc

BAD: I love the sound of a classic guitar.
GOOD: I love the sound of a classical guitar.

Usage Note:
a classical guitar = a guitar that is used to play classical music

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