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Clay, Cassius /ˈkæsiəs/
clay /kleɪ/ noun [uncountable]

خاک زدن ، خاک رست (رس) ، خاک رس ، رس ، گل ، خاک کوزه گری ، سفال ، علوم مهندسی: خاک کوزه گری ، عمران: خاک رس ، معماری: خاک رس ، شیمی: خاک رس ، زیست شناسی: خاک رس ، ورزش: زمین تنیس
Clay, Cassius /ˈkæsiəs/
the former name of Muhammad Ali

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clay /kleɪ/ noun [uncountable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: clæg]
a type of heavy sticky earth that can be used for making pots, bricks etc
feet of clay at foot1(27)

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ADJ. heavy | fine | soft | damp, sticky, wet | china, modelling
QUANT. lump
VERB + CLAY mould, shape She moulded the clay into the shape of a head.
bake, fire | be made from/in/(out) of, make/mould sth from/in/out of a figure made of clay
CLAY + NOUN modelling | mould
PREP. in ~ plants that grow in damp clay

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See: feet of clay

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