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clench /klentʃ/ verb [transitive]

پرچ کردن ، گره کردن
Synonyms: hold, clamp, clasp, clinch, clutch, grapple, grasp, grip, gripe, tenure

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clench /klentʃ/ verb [transitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: beclencan]

1. clench your fists/teeth/jaw etc to hold your hands, teeth etc together tightly, usually because you feel angry or determined:
Jody was pacing the sidelines, her fists clenched.

2. to hold something tightly in your hand or between your teeth:
a cigar clenched between his teeth

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ADV. tight/tightly His jaw was tightly clenched.
involuntarily Her hands clenched involuntarily.
together She sat with hands clenched together in her lap.
PHRASES clenched between sb's teeth He had a pipe clenched between his teeth.

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