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climb /klaɪm/ verb

بالا کشیدن ، بالارفتن ، صعود کردن ، ترقی کردن ، ورزش: صعود ، علوم هوایی: اوج ، علوم نظامی: بالا رفتن از کوه یا درخت
Synonyms: ascend, clamber, mount, rise, scale, shin up, soar, top
English Thesaurus: climb, ascend, go up, scale, clamber, ...

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I. climb1 W2 /klaɪm/ verb
[Language: Old English; Origin: climban]

1. MOVE UP/DOWN [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive] to move up, down, or across something using your feet and hands, especially when this is difficult to do:
Harry climbed the stairs.
Boys were climbing trees along the river bank.
climb up/down/along etc
The wall is too high to climb over.
They climbed up into the loft of the old barn.

2. TEMPERATURE/PRICES ETC [intransitive] to increase in number, amount, or level Synonym : go up:
The temperature has climbed steadily since this morning.
Inflation climbed 2% last month.
climb to
The divorce rate had climbed to almost 30% of all marriages.

3. WITH DIFFICULTY [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to move into, out of, or through something slowly and awkwardly:
The bus pulled in, and we climbed aboard.
climb through/over/into etc
John climbed through the window into the kitchen.
I turned the TV on and climbed into bed.

4. PATH/SUN/PLANE [intransitive] to move gradually to a higher position:
The roller coaster climbs 91 feet and reaches speeds of 45 miles an hour.
climb into/up etc
The path climbs high into the hills.
The plane climbed to 11,600 feet to try to get above the clouds.

5. SPORT [intransitive and transitive] to climb mountains or rocks as a sport:
Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to climb Mount Everest.
She loves to hike and climb.climbing

6. PLANT [intransitive] to grow up a wall or other structure
climbing rose/plant

7. IN A LIST [intransitive and transitive] to move higher in a list of teams, records etc as you become more popular or successful Synonym : rise
climb to
The song climbed to number two in the US charts.

8. IN YOUR LIFE/JOB [intransitive and transitive] to move to a better position in your social or professional life:
Steve climbed rapidly in the sales division.
men who climbed the career ladder in the 1980s

9. be climbing the walls spoken to become extremely anxious, annoyed, or impatient:
If I don’t get a drink soon, I’ll be climbing the walls.
climb down phrasal verb British English
to admit that you were wrong, especially after being certain that you were right ⇒ climb-down

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II. climb2 noun

1. MOVEMENT UPWARDS [countable usually singular] a process in which you move up towards a place, especially while using a lot of effort:
a long steady climb to the top

2. INCREASE [countable usually singular] an increase in value or amount:
The dollar continued its climb against the yen.
climb in
a steady climb in house prices

3. IMPROVEMENT [countable usually singular] the process of improving something, especially your professional or social position:
a slow climb out of the recession
climb to
the Labour Party’s climb to power

4. LIST/COMPETITION [singular] a process in which someone or something reaches a higher position in a list or in a competition because of being popular or successful:
the Giants’ climb from twelfth to fifth in the league
the song’s steady climb up the charts

5. ROCK/MOUNTAIN [countable] a steep rock, cliff, or mountain that you climb up:
one of the hardest rock climbs in the world

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I. act of climbing
ADJ. long, slow | short | arduous, difficult, exhausting, hard, sharp, steep | easy | steady
VERB + CLIMB do, make I was fitter the first time I did the climb.
PREP. on a/the ~ I broke my ankle on a climb last week.
~ from/to the short climb from the road to the summit
~ up They began the long climb up the hill.

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II. increase in value/amount/status
ADJ. long, slow | rapid | gradual, steady
PREP. ~ against the dollar's climb against the euro
~ in a steady climb in the cost of travel
~ out of a long slow climb out of recession
~ to her rapid climb to stardom

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I. move up towards the top of sth
ADV. high Don't climb too high.
PREP. up He climbed slowly up the ladder.
PHRASES climb to the top We climbed right to the top of the mountain.
go climbing (= climb up mountains for sport) He goes climbing in Scotland every summer.

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II. move/lead upwards
ADV. gradually, slowly | steadily | steeply | up
VERB + CLIMB begin to The path began to climb quite steeply.
PREP. from The road gradually climbs up from the village.
to The plane took off and climbed to 20,000 feet.

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III. increase
ADV. sharply, steeply Prices have climbed sharply in recent months.
PREP. above The temperature had climbed above 90 degrees.
from, to Unemployment has climbed from two million to three million.

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See: social climber

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