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closed /kləʊzd $ kloʊzd/ adjective

مسابقه محدود به سن یا جنس ، وضع اماتوری یا حرفه ای ، پای جلو را نزدیک خط گذاشتن (شمشیربازی) ، محصور ، مسدود ، محرمانه ، بسته ، ممنوع الورود ، کامپیوتر: مسدود ، ورزش: پای جلو را نزدیک خط گذاشتن
الکترونیک: بسته ، مسدود ، کامپیوتر: مسابقه محدود به سن یا جنس ، وضع اماتوری یا حرفه ای ، پای جلو را نزدیک خط گذاشتن ، بیس بال : مسدود ، شمشیربازی ، : ورزشی: محصور، مسدود، محرمانه ، بسته ، ممنوع الورود کامپیوتر: مسدود ، بسته

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- shut, fastened, locked, out of service, sealed
- exclusive, restricted
- finished, concluded, decided, ended, over, resolved, settled, terminated

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closed S3 /kləʊzd $ kloʊzd/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: close, closure, closing; adjective: closed, closing; verb: close]

1. not open Synonym : shut Antonym : open:
Make sure all the windows are closed.
She kept her eyes tightly closed.

2. [not before noun] if a shop, public building etc is closed, it is not open and people cannot enter or use it Synonym : shut Antonym : open:
The shops here are closed on Sundays.
closed to the public/visitors etc
The castle is closed to visitors in winter.

3. restricted to a particular group of people Antonym : open:
The golf club has closed membership.
a closed meeting
The police have a closed circle of suspects.

4. not willing to accept new ideas or influences Antonym : open:
You’re facing this situation with a closed mind.
closed society/world/way of life
Venetian art in this period was a closed world.

5. behind closed doors if something happens behind closed doors, it happens in private and the public are not allowed in:
It seems that the deal was made behind closed doors.
Football authorities ordered the club to play its next two games behind closed doors after the riots in February.

6. a closed book (to somebody) a subject or problem that someone does not know about or understand:
Mathematics has always been a closed book to me.

7. a closed set (of something) a restricted group, or a group that cannot change or grow:
The law is not a closed set of rules and closed session at session(2)

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VERBS be | remain The library will remain closed until next week.
keep sth Keep that door closed, will you?
ADV. firmly, properly, tightly Are the windows firmly closed? Her mouth was tightly closed.
completely, fully Make sure the lid is completely closed. The valve can be adjusted from fully open to fully closed.
almost, nearly squinting through almost closed eyes
half, partially, partly Her eyes were half closed.
officially | permanently, temporarily
PREP. for The building is closed for repairs.
to Twenty-five miles of beaches were officially closed to the public.

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