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cloud /klaʊd/ noun

لکه ، تیره شدن ، توده ابرومه ، توده انبوه ، تیره وگرفته ، ابری شدن ، سایه افکن شدن ، معماری: ابر ، زیست شناسی: ابر ، علوم هوایی: ابر ، علوم نظامی: قارچ اتمی
- mist, gloom, haze, murk, vapour
- obscure, becloud, darken, dim, eclipse, obfuscate, overshadow, shade, shadow, veil
- confuse, disorient, distort, impair, muddle, muddy the waters
Related Words: addle, befuddle, confuse, muddle, distract, perplex, puzzle
English Thesaurus: cloud, fog, mist, haze, smog, ...

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I. cloud1 S3 W3 /klaʊd/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: clud 'rock, hill'; because some clouds look like rocks]

1. IN THE SKY [uncountable and countable] a white or grey mass in the sky that forms from very small drops of water
heavy/thick/dense etc clouds
Dark clouds floated across the moon.
Heavy clouds had gathered over the summit of Mont Blanc.
low/high cloud
Visibility was bad due to low cloud.storm cloud, thundercloud

2. IN THE AIR [countable] a mass of dust, smoke etc in the air, or a large number of insects flying together
cloud of dust/smoke/gas etc
A cloud of steam rose into the air.
clouds of mosquitoes buzzing around us

3. PROBLEM [countable] something that makes you feel afraid, worried, unhappy etc
cloud of
the cloud of economic recession
cloud on the horizon (=something that might spoil a happy situation)
The only cloud on the horizon was her mother’s illness.
Fears of renewed terrorist attacks cast a cloud over the event (=spoilt the happy situation).
He returned to New York under a cloud of gloom and despair.

4. under a cloud (of suspicion) informal if someone is under a cloud, people have a bad opinion of them because they think they have done something wrong:
He left the company under a cloud of suspicion.

5. be on cloud nine informal to be very happy about something

6. every cloud has a silver lining used to say that there is something good even in a situation that seems very sad or difficult

7. be/live in cloud-cuckoo-land British English to think that a situation is much better than it really is, in a way that is slightly stupid
have your head in the clouds at head1(24)

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II. cloud2 verb

1. [transitive] to make someone less able to think clearly or make sensible decisions
cloud sb’s judgement/mind/vision etc
Don’t let your personal feelings cloud your judgement.
Fear had clouded his vision.

2. (also cloud over) [intransitive and transitive] if someone’s face or eyes cloud, or if something clouds them, they start to look angry, sad, or worried:
Ann’s eyes clouded with the pain.
Then suspicion clouded his face.

3. [transitive usually passive] to make something less pleasant or more difficult than it should have been:
Her happiness was clouded by having to leave her son behind.

4. cloud the issue/picture etc to make a subject or problem more difficult to understand or deal with, especially by introducing unnecessary ideas:
Uninformed judgements only cloud the issue.

5. (also cloud up) [intransitive and transitive] if glass or a liquid clouds, or if something clouds it, it becomes less clear and more difficult to see through:
windows clouded up with steam
The water clouded and I could no longer see the river bed.

6. [transitive] to cover something with clouds:
Thick mist clouded the mountain tops.
cloud over phrasal verb

1. (also cloud up American English) if the sky clouds over, it becomes dark and full of black clouds

2. if someone’s face or eyes cloud over, they start to look angry or sad:
His face clouded over in disappointment.

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I. mass of very small drops of water in the sky
ADJ. dense, heavy, thick | light | fluffy | cirrus, cumulus | high, low | broken, scattered skies of broken cloud
fast-moving, scudding | black, dark, grey, white | rain, storm, threatening, thunder Rain clouds were looming on the horizon.
QUANT. band, bank, layer, mass, wisp a layer of high cloud
VERB + CLOUD seed (= to place a substance in a cloud to make it produce rain)
CLOUD + VERB form, gather, mass Dark clouds were gathering in the west.
cover sth, envelop sth, obscure sth | break, clear, disperse, lift, part The clouds broke a little, and the sun came out.
drift, float, hang, hover, loom, move, pass, race, roll, scud, swirl Thick cloud hung over the moor. A cloud passed over the sun. White clouds scudded across the sky.
CLOUD + NOUN bank, cover, formation The cloud cover is quite dense today.
PREP. above/below the ~s flying above the clouds
through the ~s She could see the sun through the clouds.
PHRASES a break in the cloud(s), a layer of cloud

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II. mass of smoke, dust, etc.
ADJ. great, huge a great cloud of grey smoke
dense, thick | billowing, swirling | mushroom the mushroom cloud from a nuclear bomb
dust, radioactive, smoke
PREP. ~ of a thick cloud of steam

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a black/grey cloud
Black clouds usually mean rain.
a dark cloud (=a black or grey cloud)
A dark cloud covered the sun.
a white cloud
There was a bright blue sky with a few white clouds.
heavy/thick cloud (also dense cloud formal)
By midday, heavy clouds had spread across the sky.
low/high cloud
The weather was overcast, with heavy low clouds.
storm clouds
Dark storm clouds were moving in from the Atlantic.
rain clouds
The sky had been full of rain clouds for days.
a bank/mass of cloud (=a large block of cloud)
A heavy bank of cloud was creeping across the sky.
a layer of cloud
The moon was shining through a thin layer of cloud.
wisps of cloud (=long thin pieces)
The plane flew through occasional wisps of cloud.
a band of cloud (=a long narrow area)
Long narrow bands of cloud stretched across the valley.
a blanket of cloud (=a thick layer)
In the morning, a blanket of cloud still covered the country.
a veil of cloud (=a thin layer)
A thin veil of cloud hid the moon.
clouds gather/form
The sky had darkened and clouds had gathered.
clouds cover something
For days thick cloud had covered the whole sky.
clouds clear/lift (=disappear)
At last the rain had stopped and the clouds had cleared.
clouds part (=move away from each other)
Suddenly the clouds that covered the moon parted.
clouds move/roll
A narrow band of cloud has been moving across the country.
clouds drift/float (=move slowly)
A few clouds drifted across the top of the mountains.
clouds race/scud (=move quickly)
A wind was blowing and soft clouds were scudding across the sky.
clouds hang
Heavy grey clouds hung low in the sky.
cloud cover
The cloud cover should disappear by the afternoon.
cloud formation (=the shape in which cloud forms)
There are many different types of cloud formation.

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