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clown /klaʊn/ noun [countable]

لوده ، مسخره ، مقلد ، مسخرگی کردن ، دلقک شدن ، ورزش: دلقک زمین گاوبازی که گاو را از سوار زمین خورده دور می کند
- comedian, buffoon, comic, fool, harlequin, jester, joker, prankster
- play the fool, act the fool, jest, mess about
Related Words: comedian, fool, jester, mountebank, mime, mummer

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I. clown1 /klaʊn/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Perhaps from French coulon 'someone who settles in a new country', from Latin colonus; colony]

1. someone who wears funny clothes, a red nose, bright make-up on their face etc, and does silly things to make people laugh, especially at a circus

2. someone who often makes jokes or behaves in a funny way:
Frankie’s a bit of a clown.
class clown (=someone in a school class who behaves in a funny or silly way)

3. a stupid or annoying person:
I can’t understand what she sees in that clown.

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II. clown2 (also clown around/about) verb [intransitive]
to behave in a silly or funny way:
Stop clowning around!

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