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coach /kəʊtʃ $ koʊtʃ/ noun
coach verb [transitive]

واگن راه اهن ، کالسکه ، واگن راه اهن ، مربی ورزش ، رهبری عملیات ورزشی را کردن ، معلمی کردن ، روانشناسی: اماده ساز ، ورزش: مربی ، علوم نظامی: کمک مربی کمک استاد
- bus, car, carriage, charabanc, vehicle
- instructor, handler, teacher, trainer, tutor
- instruct, drill, exercise, prepare, train, tutor
English Thesaurus: bus, coach, minibus, double-decker, articulated bus, ...

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I. coach1 S3 W2 /kəʊtʃ $ koʊtʃ/ noun
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: coche, from German kutsche, probably from Hungarian kocsi (szeker) 'carriage from Kocs', from Kocs village in Hungary; ]
[Sense 1-2: Origin: because a trainer 'drives' students through their tests]

1. SPORT [countable] someone who trains a person or team in a sport:
a tennis coach
the Norwegian national coach

2. HELP FOR EXAM [countable] especially British English someone who gives private lessons to someone in a particular subject, especially so that they can pass an examination

3. BUS [countable] British English a bus with comfortable seats used for long journeys Synonym : bus American English
by coach
We went to Paris by coach.
on a coach
She’s going to Grimsby on a coach.
a coach trip to Scotland
The restaurant was full of coach parties (=groups of people travelling together on a coach).

4. TRAIN [countable] British English one of the parts of the train in which the passengers sit Synonym : car American English

5. HORSES [countable] a large carriage pulled by horses and used in the past for carrying passengers

6. IN PLANE/TRAIN [uncountable] American English the cheapest type of seats on a plane or train:
We flew coach out to Atlanta.

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II. coach2 verb [transitive]

1. to teach a person or team the skills they need for a sport Synonym : traincoaching:
Nigel coaches a cricket team in his spare time.

2. especially British English to give someone private lessons in a particular subject, especially so that they can pass an important test ⇒ coaching
coach somebody in/for something
The child was coached for stardom by her mother.

3. to help someone prepare what they should say or do in a particular situation – used to show disapproval ⇒ coaching
coach somebody in/on something
The girl must have been carefully coached in what to say in court.

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I. bus for longer journeys
ADJ. express | private | luxury | air-conditioned
VERB + COACH go by, travel by | board, get on | get off | drive | hire
COACH + NOUN station | driver | holiday, journey, tour, trip | travel | party | company | service
PREP. by ~ They are planning to tour the United States by coach.
in/on a/the ~

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II. large carriage pulled by horses
ADJ. royal
VERB + COACH drive | ride in
COACH + VERB drive
COACH + NOUN road This is the old coach road.
PHRASES a coach and four/six (= a coach and four/six horses) a gateway wide enough for a coach and four to drive through
a coach and horses

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III. person who trains people in sport, etc.
ADJ. good, successful, top a top football coach
professional | chief, head | assistant | national | club | athletics, basketball, football, tennis, etc. | sports | acting, drama, voice
 ⇒ Note at JOB

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a football/basketball/tennis etc coach
Jody became the women’s basketball coach.
the head coach (=the coach in charge of a team)
Jim is head coach of the Dallas Mavericks.
an assistant coach
He took a job as an assistant coach at the college.
a national coach (=for a team that represents a whole country)
Davies was the national coach up to the 1995 World Cup.
the team coach
He’s the youth team coach.
a top coach (=a very good one)
He’s one of America’s top coaches.
a professional coach (=one whose job is teaching a sport)
The tennis club has a professional coach.
an express coach (=travelling quickly without stopping much)
Express coach services run throughout the day.
a passenger coach
The company had thirty-five new passenger coaches.
a tourist coach
A huge number of tourist coaches visit the site.
an air-conditioned coach
Travel is by air-conditioned coach.
go/travel by coach
We spent three days travelling by coach across France.
get on/get off a coach
A group of tourists were getting on the coach.
board a coach formal (=get on one)
When everyone was there, we boarded the coach for the journey home.
a coach trip
The two-night coach trip to Paris will cost £149.
a coach tour
How about going on a coach tour around Europe this year?
a coach excursion (=a relatively short coach journey to visit a place)
There are coach excursions to the great classical site at Ephesus.
a coach party (=a group of people who travel by coach)
We’re organizing a coach party to the theatre.
a coach driver
He worked as a part-time coach driver.
a coach station
You will go from Victoria Coach Station to Amsterdam.
a coach service
Our express coach service goes to the South of France and Costa Brava.
coach travel
The advantage of coach travel is that it’s relatively cheap.

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