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coalition /ˌkəʊəˈlɪʃən $ ˌkoʊə-/ noun

در ارتباطات بین المللی این کلمه به تجمع چند دولت به منظور وصول به هدف مشترک ، ائتلاف ، پیوستگی ، اتحاد موقتی ، قانون ـ فقه: مثلا "جنگ علیه دشمن اطلاق می شود در این مقام می توان چنانچه معمول است این کلمه را به " اتفاق " یا " اتحاد " تبدیل کرد
Synonyms: alliance, amalgamation, association, bloc, combination, confederation, conjunction, fusion, merger, union

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coalition /ˌkəʊəˈlɪʃən $ ˌkoʊə-/ noun
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: Latin coalitus, past participle of coalescere; coalesce]

1. [countable] a union of two or more political parties that allows them to form a government or fight an election together
coalition of
a coalition of democratic forces
the centre-right coalition government
an emergency meeting of the three coalition parties

2. [countable] a group of people who join together to achieve a particular purpose, usually a political one
coalition of
a coalition of environmental groups

3. [uncountable] a process in which two or more political parties or groups join together:
He hoped to convert his party members to a belief in coalition.
in coalition with somebody
He was working in coalition with other Unionist leaders.

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ADJ. strong | loose | broad, broad-based, rainbow, umbrella an umbrella coalition of human rights organizations
grand a grand coalition of various environmental groups
centre-left, centre-right, conservative, left-wing, liberal, radical, right-wing | two-party, three-party, etc. | cross-party | governing, government, ruling | opposition | wartime | political
VERB + COALITION create, form The centre-right opposition parties have formed a coalition.
join | lead a coalition led by the Socialist Party
COALITION + VERB break up, collapse, fall (apart)
COALITION + NOUN government | forces, member, partner, party
PREP. in (a/the) ~ The two parties governed in coalition for four years. the biggest party in the government coalition
~ between a coalition between the Socialists and Communists
~ of a broad coalition of democratic and republican groups
~ with They formed a coalition with the Greens.

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form a coalition
The Social Democrats rejected their offer to form a coalition.
join a coalition
The Greens of Slovenia agreed to join the coalition led by the Liberal Democratic party.
lead/head a coalition
The coalition was led by the Christian Democrats and the Socialists.
a coalition collapses/breaks up
Austria's ruling government coalition collapsed.
the ruling/governing coalition
The March elections may weaken the ruling coalition.
the opposition coalition (=forming an opposition party to the government)
The opposition coalition's strength increased from 37 to 53 seats.
a political coalition
a political coalition of centre parties
a two-party/three-party etc coalition
The composition of the three-party coalition remains unchanged.
a left-wing/right-wing etc coalition
The left-wing coalition was led by the former guerrilla movement.
a coalition government
There is little enthusiasm among voters for a coalition government.
a coalition partner
There were fundamental differences between the two main coalition partners.
a coalition member
Some coalition members are unhappy with the proposal.
a coalition party
The treaty required the backing of both governing coalition parties.

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