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coast /kəʊst $ koʊst/ noun

ساحل ، دریاکنار ، سریدن ، سرازیر رفتن ، زیست شناسی: کرانه ، علوم نظامی: کنار دریا ، علوم دریایی: ناوبری کرانه ای
- shore, beach, border, coastline, seaboard, seaside
- cruise, drift, freewheel, glide, sail, taxi
English Thesaurus: coast, shore, the seashore, coastline, seaboard, ...

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I. coast1 S3 W2 /kəʊst $ koʊst/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: coste, from Latin costa 'rib, side']

1. [countable] the area where the land meets the sea ⇒ coastal
coast of
the west coast of Africa
We drove along the Pacific coast to Seattle.
on the coast
I used to live in a small village on the coast (=on the land near the sea).
off the coast
a small island off the coast (=in the sea near the land) of Scotland
the first European to cross Africa coast to coast
a deserted stretch of coast

2. the coast is clear informal if the coast is clear, it is safe for you to do something without being seen or caught

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II. coast2 verb [intransitive]

1. [usually + adverb/preposition] if a car or bicycle coasts, it moves without any effort from you or any power from the engine
coast down/around/along etc
Bev coasted downhill on her bicycle.

2. to not try very hard to do something well – used to show disapproval:
Janey’s teacher says she’s just coasting at school.

3. to be successful at something without much effort:
They scored three goals in the first half and from then on United were coasting.
coast to/through
The Ugandan relay team are coasting to victory.

4. to sail along the coast while staying close to land

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ADJ. forbidding, rocky, rugged, wild | north, northern, etc. | indented | mainland | sea
QUANT. stretch the long stretch of coast between Lowestoft and Felixstowe
VERB + COAST follow, hug The path hugs the coast all the way to Tenby.
COAST + VERB stretch The coast stretched far into the distance.
PREP. along the ~ We travelled south along the coast.
around/round the ~ They sailed round the coast to Falmouth.
at the ~ We spent a day at the coast.
off the ~ an island two miles off the west coast of Scotland
on the ~ a village on the Mediterranean coast

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the rocky coast of Maine
rugged (=rough and uneven)
There are sandy beaches in the west and a rugged coast in the east.
the east/west/north/south coast
We stayed on the south coast of the island.
the Atlantic/Pacific/Mediterranean etc coast
the Mediterranean coast of Spain
a coast road
In summer the coast road is very crowded.
a coast path
There were wonderful sea views from the coast path.
the coast route (=the way that follows the coast)
I’d prefer to take the coast route.
follow the coast (=stay close to the coast)
The path follows the coast.
hug the coast (=follow it very closely)
A small railway hugs the coast.
a stretch of coast (=a long area of coast)
The 13th century chapel lies on a spectacular stretch of coast.

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