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coffee /ˈkɒfi $ ˈkɒːfi, ˈkɑːfi/ noun

درخت قهوه
coffee S1 W2 /ˈkɒfi $ ˈkɒːfi, ˈkɑːfi/ noun
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Italian; Origin: caffè, from Turkish kahve, from Arabic qahwa]

1. [uncountable] a hot dark brown drink that has a slightly bitter taste:
Do you want a cup of coffee?
Do you like your coffee white (=with milk) or black (=without milk)?

2. [uncountable and countable] a cup of coffee:
Who wants a coffee?
over coffee
dinner guests chatting over coffee (=while drinking coffee)decaffeinated

3. [uncountable] whole coffee beans, crushed coffee beans, or a powder to which you add water to make coffee:
a jar of coffee
instant coffee (=powdered coffee)
I haven’t got any real coffee (=coffee beans) at the moment.

4. [uncountable] a light brown colour
wake up and smell the coffee at wake up(3)

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ADJ. strong | weak | black, dark a mug of strong black coffee
milky, white She drinks very milky coffee with lots of sugar.
frothy | sugary, sweet | bitter | hot, steaming a pot of piping hot coffee He brought in two mugs of steaming coffee.
lukewarm, tepid | cold | iced | fresh The others will be back soon?I'll go and make some fresh coffee.
excellent, expensive, good | decaffeinated | ersatz | filter, percolated, real | instant Would you like real or instant coffee?
Irish (= with whiskey added), Turkish (= very strong, black and sweet)
QUANT. cup, mug, pot
VERB + COFFEE drink Do you drink coffee?
have I had two coffees while I waited.
take ‘How do you take your coffee?’ ‘Milk, no sugar, thanks.’
sip, take a mouthful/sip of He took a sip of his coffee.
drain, drink up, finish | stir | pour (sb) | go for Let's go for a coffee when you've finished your essay.
brew, make freshly-brewed coffee I'll make some coffee for breakfast.
grind a packet of freshly-ground coffee
COFFEE + VERB get/go cold | be laced with sth coffee laced with cognac
COFFEE + NOUN cup, mug | machine, percolator, pot | dregs | break
PREP. in your ~ I have milk but no sugar in my coffee.
PHRASES an aroma/a smell of coffee An inviting smell of coffee wafted into the room.
coffee-making facilities Tea and coffee-making facilities are available in the kitchen.

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a cup/mug of coffee
Jake had a quick breakfast and a mug of coffee.
a pot of coffee
Shall I make a pot of coffee?
have a coffee
She stopped in a café to have a quick coffee.
drink coffee
I don’t often drink coffee.
sip coffee (=drink it slowly)
He sat in his chair, peacefully sipping his coffee.
make coffee
You wash up and I’ll make the coffee.
pour the coffee (out)
He poured the coffee out into mugs.
spill coffee
He’d accidentally spilt coffee over the table.
black (=without milk)
He went up to the counter and ordered a black coffee.
white (=with milk)
I’d like a white coffee, please.
fresh (=made very recently using coffee beans)
the delicious smell of fresh coffee
I needed some strong coffee to wake me up.
milky (=with a lot of milk in it)
a steaming mug of milky coffee
decaffeinated (also decaf informal) (=without any caffeine in it)
Have you got any decaf coffee?
a coffee cup/mug
Kate put down her coffee cup.
a coffee pot
She refilled the coffee pot.
a coffee machine (=for making coffee)
Janice crossed to the coffee machine and filled two plastic cups.
a coffee break (=a break from work to have some coffee)
Shall we stop for a coffee break?
a coffee stain (=a mark left by coffee or a coffee cup)
The table was covered in coffee stains.

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