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cogitate /ˈkɒdʒəteɪt, ˈkɒdʒɪteɪt $ ˈkɑː-/ verb [intransitive + about/on]

اندیشه کردن ، درعالم فکر فرورفتن
Synonyms: think, consider, contemplate, deliberate, meditate, mull over, muse, ponder, reflect, ruminate
Related Words: conceive, envisage, envision, imagine

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cogitate /ˈkɒdʒəteɪt, ˈkɒdʒɪteɪt $ ˈkɑː-/ verb [intransitive + about/on]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: past participle of cogitare, from co- (co-) + agitare (, agitate)]
formal to think carefully and seriously about something
—cogitation /ˌkɒdʒəˈteɪʃən, ˌkɒdʒɪˈteɪʃən $ ˌkɑː-/ noun [uncountable]

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