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cognizant , cognisant /ˈkɒɡnəzənt, ˈkɒɡnɪzənt $ ˈkɑːɡ-/ adjective [not before noun]

اگاه ، باخبر
Synonyms: aware, alive, apprehensive, au courant, awake, conscious, knowing, sensible, sentient, witting
Antonyms: ignorant
Contrasted words: forgetful, oblivious, unmindful, heedless, ignoring, neglectful, slighting

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cognizant , cognisant /ˈkɒɡnəzənt, ˈkɒɡnɪzənt $ ˈkɑːɡ-/ adjective [not before noun] formal
if someone is cognizant of something, they know about it and understand it
cognizant of
He was cognizant of the peculiarities of the case.

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