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cohort /ˈkəʊhɔːt $ ˈkoʊhɔːrt/ noun [countable]

گروه ، پیرو ، طرفدار ، همکار
پزشکی: هم گروه

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Synonyms: partner, associate, confrere, consociate, copartner, fellow, mate, pard, follower, adherent, disciple, henchman, partisan, satellite, sectary, sectator, supporter

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cohort /ˈkəʊhɔːt $ ˈkoʊhɔːrt/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: cohors 'enclosed place, people in an enclosure, unit of soldiers in the ancient Roman army']

1. someone’s cohorts are their friends who support them and stay loyal to them – used in order to show disapproval:
Mark and his cohorts eventually emerged from the studio.

2. technical a group of people of the same age, social class etc, especially when they are being studied:
a cohort of 386 patients aged 65 plus

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