cold shoulder
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ˌcold ˈshoulder noun

خونسرد ، بی اعتنایی کردن به
cold shoulder
Synonyms: cut, ostracize, snob, snub

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ˌcold ˈshoulder noun
(give somebody/get) the cold shoulder to behave in an unfriendly way towards someone that you know
—cold shoulder verb [transitive]

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cold-shoulder (someone)
give (someone) the cold shoulder - to behave towards someone in a way that is not at all friendly, sometimes for reasons that this person does not understand.
After their argument, Peter cold-shouldered Jonathan for the rest of the week.

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cold shoulder
n., informal Unfriendly treatment of a person, a showing of dislike for a person or of looking down on a person.
Used in the cliches "give the cold shoulder" or "turn a cold shoulder to" or "get the cold shoulder".
When Bob asked Mary for a date she gave him the cold shoulder.
The membership committee turned a cold shoulder to Jim's request to join the club.

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cold shoulder
v., informal To act towards a person; with dislike or scorn; be unfriendly to.
Fred cold-shouldered his old friend when they passed on the street.
It is impolite and unkind to cold-shoulder people.

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