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collar /ˈkɒlə $ ˈkɑːlər/ noun [countable]

طوقه ، همگیر ، بست ، گلوی چوب لاکراس ، یقه ، یخه ، گریبان ، گردن بند ، علوم مهندسی: حلقه ، ورزش: کسب اسان امتیاز ضربه
Synonyms: seize, apprehend, arrest, capture, catch, grab, nab (informal), nail (informal)

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I. collar1 S3 /ˈkɒlə $ ˈkɑːlər/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: coler, from Latin collare, from collum 'neck']

1. CLOTHING the part of a shirt, coat etc that fits around your neck, and is usually folded over:
He grabbed me by the collar.
He loosened his collar and tie.

CAT/DOG a narrow band of leather or plastic that is fastened around an animal’s neck

3. INJURED NECK an object that someone wears around their neck to support it when it has been injured

4. BUSINESS a way of making sure that stocks you own do not lose money, even if their price goes down

5. MACHINE a circular ring that goes round a pipe to make it stronger, especially where two pipes join together

6. COLOURED FUR/FEATHERS a band of fur, feathers, or skin around an animal’s neck that is a different colour from the rest of the animal
blue-collar, dog collar, white-collar

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II. collar2 verb [transitive]

1. to catch someone and hold them so that they cannot escape:
The police collared him less than 20 minutes after the robbery.

2. to find someone so that you can talk to them, especially when they would prefer to avoid you:
He collared her in the staff room at lunchtime and started telling her about his holiday plans.

3. high-collared/open-collared/fur-collared etc used about clothes that have a particular type of collar:
a high-collared blouse

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I. on a shirt, coat, dress, etc.
ADJ. open, undone His tie was knotted below his open collar. His collar was undone.
button-down, turned-down | tight | starched, stiff | detachable | coat, shirt, etc. | high, stand-up, wing | clerical, dog The vicar had his dog collar on.
VERB + COLLAR have The shirt had a button-down collar.
have on, wear | button, do up, fasten | unbutton, undo, unfasten | raise, turn up She turned up her coat collar for extra warmth.
turn down | loosen
COLLAR + NOUN stud | size
PHRASES collar and tie He wore a collar and tie for the occasion.

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II. round an animal's neck
ADJ. dog | flea
VERB + COLLAR have on, wear | slip The dog slipped its collar and ran off.

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See: hot under the collar , roman collar , sailor collar

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