come along
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پیشرفت کردن ، جلو رفتن
come along phrasal verb (see also come)

1. be coming along informal to be developing or making progress Synonym : progress:
He opened the oven door to see how the food was coming along.
Your English is coming along really well.

2. to appear or arrive:
A bus should come along any minute now.
Take any job opportunity that comes along.

a) to go to a place with someone:
We’re going into town – do you want to come along?
b) to go somewhere after someone:
You go on ahead – I’ll come along later.

4. come along!
a) used to tell someone to hurry up Synonym : come on:
Come along! We’re all waiting for you!
b) used to encourage someone to try harder Synonym : come on:
Come along! Don’t give up yet!

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come along
to develop or improve.
Thomas is more relaxed and his skills are coming along.

to appear or be available.
Sometimes an album comes along that just sounds better than anything else you've heard in a long time.

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come along
to make progress, to thrive
The work on our new house is coming along very well.

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come along
v. To make progress; improve; succeed.
He was coming along well after the operation.
Rose is coming right along on the piano.

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