come around
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بازگشت کردن به ، تغییر مسیردادن (مثل باد)
come around phrasal verb (see also come)

1. (also come round British English) to come to someone’s home or the place where they work in order to visit them Synonym : come over:
I’ll come around later and see how you are.
Why don’t you come round for lunch?

2. (also come round British English) to change your opinion so that you now agree with someone or are no longer angry with them
come around to
It took him a while to come around to the idea.
Don’t worry – she’ll come round eventually.

3. (also come round British English) if a regular event comes around, it happens as usual:
By the time the summer came around, Kelly was feeling much better.

4. American English to become conscious again after you have been unconscious Synonym : come round British English:
When she came around her mother was sitting by her bed.
come around from
You might feel a little sick when you come around from the anesthetic.

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come around
come around (to (something))
to change your opinion of something.
I want to go, and I think she'll come around and we'll actually take a vacation.

to visit.
Some people are going to come around and see what we do in our department.

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come around
to finally agree to something, to return to consciousness or wake up
My father finally came around and agreed to let me go to Germany to study.

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come around
1. To happen or appear again and again in regular order.
And so Saturday night came around again.

I will tell him when he comes round again.

2. {informal} To get back health or knowledge of things; get well from sickness or a faint.

Someone brought out smelling salts and Mary soon came round.

Jim has come around after having had stomach ulcers.

3. To change direction,
The wind has come round to the south.

4. {informal} To change your opinion or purpose to agree with another's.
Tom came round when Dick told him the whole story.


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