come back
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come back
Synonyms: return, reappear, recur, re-enter
English Thesaurus: return, go back, go home, come back, get back, ...

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come back phrasal verb (see also come)

1. to return to a particular place or person Synonym : return:
My mother was scared that if I left home I’d never come back.
Ginny’s left me, and there’s nothing I can do to persuade her to come back.

2. to become fashionable or popular again ⇒ comeback:
Who’d have thought hippy gear would ever come back!
High heels are coming back into fashion.

3. to appear or start to affect someone or something again Synonym : return:
The pain in her arm came back again.
It took a while for my confidence to come back.

4. if something comes back to you, you remember it or remember how to do it:
As I walked the city streets, the memories came flooding back.
come back to
I can’t think of her name at the moment, but it’ll come back to me.

5. to reply to someone quickly, often in an angry or unkind way ⇒ comeback
come back at
He came back at me immediately, accusing me of being a liar.

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come back
1.come back
to return to the place where you are now
My cousin came back from her holidays last week.

2.come back (into fashion)
to become popular again
Recently bell-bottom pants have come back into fashion.

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come back
v., informal
1. To reply; answer.
The lawyer came back sharply in defense of his client.
No matter how the audience heckled him, the comedian always had an answer to come back with.
2. To get a former place or position back, reach again a place which you have lost.
After a year off to have her baby, the singer came back to even greater fame.
It is hard for a retired prize fighter to come hack and beat a younger man.

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