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come   between  

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come between somebody phrasal verb (see also come)

1. to make people argue and feel angry with each other, when they had been friends before:
Nothing will ever come between us now.
I didn’t want to come between a husband and wife.

2. to prevent someone from giving enough attention to something:
She never let anything come between her and her work.

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come between
to cause a relationship to become less close.
It wasn't religion that came between them but their very different personalities.

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come between
to disrupt the relationship between (two people)
The mother's constant interfering finally came between the man and his wife.

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come between
v. To part; divide; separate.
John's mother-in-law came to live in his home, and as time passed she came between him and his wife.
Bill's hot rod came between him and his studies, and his grades went down.

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