come down
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come down phrasal verb (see also come)

a) if a price, level etc comes down, it gets lower:
It looks as if interest rates will come down again this month.
b) to accept a lower price
come down to
He’s asking £5,000, but he may be willing to come down to £4,800.

2. if someone comes down to a place, they travel south to the place where you are:
Why don’t you come down for the weekend sometime?
come down to
Are you coming down to Knoxville for Christmas?

3. to fall to the ground:
A lot of trees came down in the storm.
We were still out in the fields when the rain started coming down.

4. come down on the side of somebody/something (also come down in favour of somebody/something) to decide to support someone or something:
The committee came down in favour of making the information public.

5. informal to start to feel normal again after you have been feeling very happy and excited:
He was on a real high all last week and he’s only just come down.

6. informal to stop feeling the effects of a strong drug:
When I came down, I remembered with horror some of the things I’d said.

7. British English old-fashioned to leave a university after completing a period of study

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come down
1. To reduce itself; amount to no more than.
Followed by "to".
The quarrel finally came down to a question of which boy would do the dishes.
Synonym: BOIL DOWN3.
2. To be handed down or passed along, descend from parent to child; pass from older generation to younger ones.
Mary's necklace had come down to her from her grandmother.

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