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come from
Synonyms: spring, arise, derive (from), emanate, flow, issue, originate, proceed, rise, stem, hail (from)
English Thesaurus: origin/origins, source, root, the birthplace of something, the cradle of something, ...

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come from somebody/something phrasal verb (see also come)

1. if you come from a place, you were born there or lived there when you were young:
I come from London originally.

2. to be obtained from a place, thing, or person, or to start or be made somewhere:
A lot of drugs come from quite common plants.
My information comes from a very reputable source.
The idea came from America.

3. to happen as the result of doing something
come from doing something
Most of her problems come from expecting too much of people.

4. coming from him/her/you etc spoken used to say that someone should not criticize another person for doing something, because they have done the same thing themselves:
You think I’m too selfish? That’s rich coming from you!

5. where somebody is coming from informal the basic attitude or opinion someone has, which influences what they think, say, or do:
I see where you’re coming from now.

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come from
to be a native of a place
Several of the new students come from Mexico.

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