come off
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come off
Synonyms: succeed, click, go, go over, pan out, prove out, happen, befall, betide, break, chance, develop, fall out, hap, occur
Synonyms: escape, avoidance, elusion, escaping, eschewal, evasion, runaround, shunning

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come off phrasal verb (see also come)

1. come off (something) to become removed from something:
The label had come off, so there was no way of knowing what was on the disk.

2. come off (something) British English to fall off something:
Dyson came off his bike as he rounded the last corner, but wasn’t badly hurt.

3. informal if something that has been planned comes off, it happens:
In the end the trip never came off.

4. informal to be successful:
It was a good idea, but it didn’t quite come off.
The performance on the first night came off pretty well.

5. come off something to stop taking a drug that you have been taking regularly:
It wasn’t until I tried to come off the pills that I realized I was addicted.

6. come off best/better/worst etc British English to be the most or least successful, or get the most or least advantages from a situation:
As far as pensions go, it’s still women who come off worst.

7. come off it! British English spoken used to tell someone that you do not believe what they are saying:
Oh come off it! You can’t seriously be saying you knew nothing about this.

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come off
come off (as)
to appear to have a particular attitude, intention, or character.
I didn't want to come off as weak.

to happen and be successful.
No one is sure if the jazz festival planned for this summer will come off.

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come off
to be successful, to happen
The party came off without any problems so everyone was very happy.

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come off
v. phr. To succeed; triumph.
John came off with flying colors in his final exams at college.

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