come on
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come on
Synonyms: lure, allurement, bait, decoy, enticement, inveiglement, seducement, snare, temptation, trap, fool, butt, chump, dupe, fall guy, gull, mark, pigeon, sap, sucker, swindler, bunco steerer, cheat, confidence man, con man, double-dealer, flimflammer, gypper, rogue, trickster

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come on phrasal verb (see also come)

1. come on! spoken
a) used to tell someone to hurry:
Come on, we’ll be late!
b) used to encourage someone to do something:
Come on, you can do it!
Come on, cheer up!
c) used to tell someone that you know that what they have just said was not true or right:
Oh come on, don’t lie!
d) used to make someone angry enough to want to fight you:
Come on, then, hit me!

2. come on in/over/up etc spoken used to tell someone to come in, over, up etc, usually in a friendly way:
Come on in – I’ve made some coffee.

3. if a light or machine comes on, it starts working:
A dog started barking and lights came on in the house.

4. if an illness comes on, you start to be ill with it:
I can feel a headache coming on.

5. if a television or radio programme comes on, it starts:
Just at that moment, the news came on.

6. if rain or snow comes on, it starts:
The rain came on just before lunchtime.

7. to come onto a stage or sports field:
He scored only two minutes after he’d come on.

8. to improve or make progress:
The children are really coming on now.
Your English is coming on really well.

9. come on somebody/something to find or discover someone or something by chance:
We came on a group of students having a picnic.

10. come on strong informal to make it very clear to someone that you think they are sexually attractive

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ˈcome-on noun [countable usually singular] informal
something that someone does deliberately to make someone else sexually interested in them:
Rick’s the kind of guy who thinks every smile is a come-on.
give somebody the come-on (=do something to show you are sexually interested in someone)come on to somebody/something at come on(2)

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come on
tell the truth.
Oh, come on — you have no idea who stole your credit cards.

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come on!
please, hurry, go faster
"Come on, I only have a few minutes before I must go."

"Come on, stop doing that."

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come on
1. To begin; appear.
Rain came on toward morning.
He felt a cold coming on.
2. To grow or do well; thrive.
The wheat was coming on.
His business came on splendidly.
3. or come upon . To meet accidentally; encounter; find.
He came on an old friend that day when he visited his club.
He came upon an interesting idea in reading about the French Revolution.
4. informal Let's get started; let's get going; don't delay; don't wait.
Used as a command.
"Come on, or we'll he late," said Joe, but Lou still waited.
5. informal Please do it!
Used in begging someone to do something.
Sing us just one song, Jane, come on!
Come on, Laura, you can tell me. I won't tell anybody.

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come on
n., slang An attractive offer made to a naive person under false pretenses in order to gain monetary or other advantage.
Joe uses a highly successful come-on when he sells vacant lots on Grand Bahama Island.

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