come out
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come   out  

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come out
Synonyms: get out, break, leak, out, transpire, debut
English Thesaurus: appear, pop up, become visible, come into view, come out, ...

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come out phrasal verb (see also come)

1. if something comes out, it is removed from a place:
These stains will never come out!

2. if information comes out, people learn about it, especially after it has been kept secret:
No doubt the truth will come out one day.
It’s come out that several ministers received payments from the company.

3. if a photograph comes out, it shows a clear picture:
I took some photographs, but they didn’t come out.
The wedding photos have come out really well.

4. if a book, record etc comes out, it becomes publicly available:
When is the new edition coming out?

5. if something comes out in a particular way, that is what it is like after it has been made or produced:
I’ve made a cake, but it hasn’t come out very well.
The cover has come out a bit too big.

6. if something you say comes out in a particular way, that is how it sounds or how it is understood:
His words came out as little more than a whisper.
That didn’t come out the way I meant it to.
I tried to explain everything to her, but it came out all wrong (=not in the way I intended).

7. if someone comes out in a particular way, that is the situation they are in at the end of an event or series of events:
The more experienced team came out on top.
come out of
She came out of the divorce quite well.

8. to be easy to notice:
His right-wing opinions come out quite strongly in his later writings.

9. to say publicly that you strongly support or oppose a plan, belief etc
come out in favour of
The board of directors has come out in favour of a merger.
come out against
Teachers have come out against the proposed changes.
At least he’s got the courage to come out and say what he thinks.

10. if the sun, moon, or stars come out, they appear in the sky:
The sky cleared and the sun came out.

11. if a flower comes out, it opens:
The snowdrops were just starting to come out.

12. if someone comes out, they say that they are gay when this was a secret before
come out to
That summer, I decided to come out to my parents.

13. British English informal to refuse to work, as a protest:
Nurses have threatened to come out in support of their pay claim.
We decided to come out on strike.

14. if a young woman came out in the past, she was formally introduced into upper-class society at a large formal dance

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come out
to be made public.
There have been so many different medical reports coming out.

to become available.
In my business you have to be aware of what new music has come out.

Usage notes: said especially about a movie, book, or recorded music
to announce that you are attracted to people of the same sex.
A lot of people were surprised when the senator came out.

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come out
1. Of a girl: To be formally introduced to polite society at about age eighteen, usually at a party; begin to go to big parties,
In society, girls come out when they reach the age of about eighteen, and usually it is at a big party in their honor; after that they are looked on as adults.
2. To be published.
The book came out two weeks ago.
3. To become publicly known.
The truth finally came out at his trial. 4, To end; result; finish.
How did the story come out?
The game came out as we had hoped.
The snapshots came out well.
5. To announce support or opposition; declare yourself (for or against a person or thing).
The party leaders came out for an acceptable candidate.
Many Congressmen came out against the bill.
6. See: GO OUT FOR.

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