come round
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شفا یافتن ، (ز.ع). بهوش امدن ، بازگشتن ، بحال اول رسیدن
come round
Synonyms: recover, rally

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come round phrasal verb British English (see also come)
to come around

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come round
1. To happen or appear again and again in regular order.
And so Saturday night came around again.
I will tell him when he comes round again.
2. informal To get back health or knowledge of things; get well from sickness or a faint.
Someone brought out smelling salts and Mary soon came round.
Jim has come around after having had stomach ulcers.
3. To change direction,
The wind has come round to the south.
4. informal To change your opinion or purpose to agree with another's.
Tom came round when Dick told him the whole story.

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