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come up phrasal verb (see also come)

1. if someone comes up to you, they come close to you, especially in order to speak to you:
One of the teachers came up and started talking to me.
come up to
A man came up to him and asked for a light.

2. if someone comes up to a place, they travel north to the place where you are
come up to
Why don’t you come up to New York for the weekend?

3. if a subject comes up, people mention it and discuss it Synonym : arise:
His name came up in the conversation.
The subject of salaries didn’t come up.

4. if a problem or difficulty comes up, it appears or starts to affect you Synonym : arise:
I’m afraid I’ll have to cancel our date – something’s come up.
The same problems come up every time.

5. if a job or an opportunity comes up, it becomes available:
A vacancy has come up in the accounts department.

6. to be dealt with in a law court:
Your case comes up next week.

7. be coming up to be going to happen soon:
With Christmas coming up, few people have much money to spare.

8. if the sun or moon comes up, it moves up into the sky where you can see it Synonym : rise:
It was six o'clock, and the sun was just coming up.

9. if a plant comes up, it begins to appear above the ground:
The first spring bulbs are just coming up.

10. if food comes up, it goes back through your mouth from your stomach after being swallowed ⇒ vomit

11. coming (right) up! spoken used to say that food or drink will be ready very soon:
‘Two Martinis, please.’ ‘Coming up!’

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come up
to be mentioned or talked about.
The issue will come up in the meeting on Monday.

to happen unexpectedly.
I don't care how well you planned, something always comes up that you didn't think of.

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come up
to happen unexpectedly
I know that I will not be able to go to the party if something comes up.

I will not be able to go to the party if something else comes up.

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come up
1. To become a subject for discussion or decision to talk about or decide about.
"He was a good salesman, and price never came up until the very last," Mary said.
The question of wage increases came up at the board meeting.
Mayor Jones comes up for reelection this fall.
2. To be equal; match in value.
Used with "to".
The new model car comes up to last year's.
3. To approach; come close.
We saw a big black bear coming up on us from the woods.
Christmas is coming up soon.
The team was out practicing for the big game coming up.
4. To provide; supply; furnish.
Used with "with".
For years Jones kept coming up with new and good ideas.
The teacher asked a difficult question, but finally Ted came up with a good answer.

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