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commend /kəˈmend/ verb [transitive]

ستودن ، ستایش کردن
Synonyms: praise, acclaim, applaud, approve, compliment, extol, recommend, speak highly of
Antonyms: censure, admonish
Contrasted words: blame, criticize, reprehend, reprobate, chide, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, reprove
Related Words: resign, yield, proffer, tender, eulogize, extol, approve, countenance, endorse, support
English Thesaurus: praise, congratulate, compliment, flatter, rave about something, ...

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commend /kəˈmend/ verb [transitive] formal
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: commendare, from com- ( ⇒ COM-) + mandare 'to give over to someone']

1. to praise or approve of someone or something publicly
commend somebody for something
Inspector Marshall was commended for his professional attitude.
The paper was highly commended in the UK Press Awards.

2. to tell someone that something is good or that it deserves attention Synonym : recommend:
Colleagues, I commend this report to you.
McKellen’s performance had much to commend it (=was very good).

3. commend itself (to somebody) formal if something commends itself to you, you approve of it:
The plan did not commend itself to the Allies.

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PREP. for He was commended for his brave actions.
to She said she would commend the proposal to the Board.
PHRASES be highly/widely commended His book was highly commended.
sth has little/much to commend it The proposed site has much to commend it.

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