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complain /kəmˈpleɪn/ verb

شکایت کردن ، غرولند کردن ، نالیدن ، قانون ـ فقه: شکایت کردن
Synonyms: find fault, bemoan, bewail, carp, deplore, groan, grouse, grumble, lament, moan, whine, whinge (informal)
Contrasted words: accept, condone, countenance, tolerate
Related Idioms: air a grievance, find fault, register a complaint, sing (or cry) the blues
Related Words: fret, worry, nag, pester
English Thesaurus: complain, make a complaint, protest, object, grumble, ...

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complain S2 W3 /kəmˈpleɪn/ verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: complaindre, from Vulgar Latin complangere, from Latin com- ( ⇒ COM-) + plangere (PLAINT)]

1. [I, T not in passive] to say that you are annoyed, not satisfied, or unhappy about something or someone ⇒ complaint:
Residents are complaining because traffic in the area has increased.
‘You never ask my opinion about anything,’ Rod complained.
complain (that)
She complained that no one had been at the airport to meet her.
complain about
She often complains about not feeling appreciated at work.
complain of
Several women have complained of sexual harassment.
complain to
Neighbours complained to the police about the dogs barking.
Employees complained bitterly about working conditions.

2. (I/you/he etc) can’t complain spoken used to say that a situation is satisfactory, even though there may be a few problems:
I make a good living. I can’t complain.

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ADV. bitterly She complained bitterly about the lack of help she received.
loudly | constantly, repeatedly
VERB + COMPLAIN can't/couldn't, can/could hardly It was entirely my own idea, so I can hardly complain.
have cause to, have reason to, have a right to He really has no right to complain.
begin to, start to
PREP. about All the guests complained about the noise.
at She complained at the unfairness of it all.
to I'm going to complain to the council about this!

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complain bitterly (=in a very angry way)
My grandfather’s always complaining bitterly about how expensive things are.
complain loudly
The kids were complaining loudly about the heat.
constantly complain
She was constantly complaining about her job.
have the right to complain
You have the right to complain if you’re not satisfied with the service you’re getting.
have (good) reason to complain
We felt we had good reason to complain about the food at the hotel.
have little/no reason to complain
The school is good and parents have little reason to complain.
have cause to complain
Patients sometimes have cause to complain about the hospital treatment they receive.
be in a position to complain (=have a good reason to complain)
If you feel you are bullied at work, you are certainly in a position to complain.
be the first to complain (=be quick to complain)
He’s the first to complain if he thinks something is unfair.

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BAD: It is childish to complain against rules.
GOOD: It is childish to complain about rules.
BAD: They are always complaining for something.
GOOD: They are always complaining about something.

Usage Note:
complain about sth : 'Residents living near the airport have a lot to complain about.'

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