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complicated /ˈkɒmpləkeɪtəd, ˈkɒmplɪkeɪtəd $ ˈkɑːm-/ adjective

پیچیده ، بغرنج
- difficult, involved, perplexing, problematic, puzzling, troublesome
- involved, complex, convoluted, elaborate, intricate, labyrinthine
Antonyms: simple
Contrasted words: easy, facile, light, clear-cut, precise, straightforward
Related Words: arduous, difficult, hard, abstruse, recondite
English Thesaurus: complicated, complex, elaborate, involved, convoluted, ...

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complicated S2 /ˈkɒmpləkeɪtəd, ˈkɒmplɪkeɪtəd $ ˈkɑːm-/ adjective
[Word Family: verb: complicate; noun: complication; adjective: complicatedUNCOMPLICATED]

1. difficult to understand or deal with, because many parts or details are involved Synonym : complex:
a complicated voting system
For young children, getting dressed is a complicated business.
very/extremely/immensely/highly etc complicated
Mental illness is a very complicated subject.

In written English, people often use complex rather than complicated, because it sounds more formal:
The problem is very complex.

2. consisting of many closely connected parts Synonym : complex:
a complicated pattern
The human brain is an incredibly complicated organ.

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VERBS be, look, seem, sound It all sounds very complicated.
become, get This is where the story gets complicated.
ADV. extraordinarily, extremely, fiendishly, highly, immensely, incredibly, particularly, terribly, very | increasingly | a bit, fairly, a little, quite, rather, somewhat | unnecessarily

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