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concomitant /kənˈkɒmətənt, kənˈkɒmɪtənt $ -ˈkɑː-/ adjective

همراه ، ملازم ، پیوسته ، روانشناسی: همایند
Synonyms: accompanying, ancillary, attendant, attending, coincident, collateral, incident, satellite
Synonyms: accompaniment, associate, companion, consort, fellow, mate
Related Words: accessory, adjuvant, supplementary, correlative, corresponding

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I. concomitant1 /kənˈkɒmətənt, kənˈkɒmɪtənt $ -ˈkɑː-/ adjective formal
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: Latin; Origin: present participle of concomitari 'to go along with', from comes 'companion']
existing or happening together, especially as a result of something Synonym : attendant:
war with all its concomitant sufferings
—concomitantly adverb

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II. concomitant2 noun [countable] formal
something that often or naturally happens with something else
concomitant of
Deafness is a frequent concomitant of old age.

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