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confront /kənˈfrʌnt/ verb [transitive]

روبرو شدن با ، مواجهه دادن ، قانون ـ فقه: مواجهه دادن
Synonyms: face, accost, challenge, defy, encounter, oppose, stand up to, tackle
Contrasted words: avoid, elude, evade
Related Idioms: come to close quarters with, come up against
Related Words: beard, brave, challenge, defy, flout, scorn, scout, oppose, resist, withstand

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confront /kənˈfrʌnt/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: confronter 'to have a border with, confront', from Medieval Latin, from Latin com- ( ⇒ COM-) + frons (, front1)]

1. if a problem, difficulty etc confronts you, it appears and needs to be dealt with:
The problems confronting the new government were enormous.
be confronted with something
Customers are confronted with a bewildering amount of choice.

2. to deal with something very difficult or unpleasant in a brave and determined way:
We try to help people confront their problems.

3. to face someone in a threatening way, as though you are going to attack them:
Troops were confronted by an angry mob.

4. to accuse someone of doing something, especially by showing them the proof
confront somebody with/about something
I confronted him with my suspicions, and he admitted everything.
I haven’t confronted her about it yet.

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ADV. directly He is willing to confront problems directly.
immediately, suddenly
PHRASES be confronted with sth I was suddenly confronted by the task of rewriting the entire book.
find yourself confronted by sth The demonstrators found themselves confronted by a line of police, blocking the road.

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BAD: Almost every day we confront with some new environmental problem.
GOOD: Almost every day we confront some new environmental problem.
GOOD: Almost every day we are confronted with some new environmental problem.

Usage Note:
confront sb/sth (WITHOUT with ): 'Sooner or later the management will have to confront these issues.'
confront sb with sth : 'She continued to deny the charge until the prosecution finally confronted her with the evidence.'
be confronted with/by sth : 'She continued to deny the charge until she was finally confronted with the evidence.'

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