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contend /kənˈtend/ verb

ستیزه کردن ، مخالفت کرده با ، رقابت کردن ، ادعا کردن
- compete, clash, contest, fight, jostle, strive, struggle, vie
- argue, affirm, allege, assert, dispute, hold, maintain
Related Words: combat, oppose, resist, withstand, contest, cope (with), vie, report, say, tell, charge, enjoin, urge, dictate, prescribe, confront, encounter, face, meet, stand
English Thesaurus: claim, allege, maintain, insist, assert, ...

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contend /kənˈtend/ verb
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Old French; Origin: contendre, from Latin contendere, from com- ( ⇒ COM-) + tendere 'to stretch']

1. [intransitive] to compete against someone in order to gain something
contend for
Three armed groups are contending for power.
Inevitably, fights break out between the members of contending groups.

2. [transitive] to argue or state that something is true Synonym : insist
contend (that)
Some astronomers contend that the universe may be younger than previously thought.
contend with something phrasal verb
to have to deal with something difficult or unpleasant Synonym : cope with:
The rescue team also had bad weather conditions to contend with.

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