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contentment /kənˈtentmənt/ noun [uncountable]

رضایت ، قناعت ، خرسندی
Synonyms: satisfaction, comfort, content, ease, equanimity, fulfilment, happiness, peace, pleasure, serenity
English Thesaurus: happiness, pleasure, cheerfulness, satisfaction, contentment, ...

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contentment /kənˈtentmənt/ noun [uncountable]
the state of being happy and satisfied Antonym : discontent:
He gave a sigh of contentment, and fell asleep.
a feeling of deep contentment

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ADJ. deep, quiet, real, true He gazed out to sea, with a feeling of deep contentment.
VERB + CONTENTMENT find They finally found contentment in living a simple life.
PREP. with ~ She sighed with contentment.
PHRASES a feeling of contentment

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