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contracted ppl adjective. [kǝn'traktɪd]

منقبض شده ، مختصر ، محدود ، قراردادی
Synonyms: engaged, affianced, betrothed, intended, plighted, promised

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contracted ppl adjective. [kǝn'traktɪd] M16.
[from CONTRACT verb + -ED1.]
1. Engaged to be married, betrothed. M16-E17.

2. Arranged by contract, established by agreement. Now rare exc. in contracted-in, contracted-out, that has contracted into, out of, a scheme etc. (see CONTRACT verb 5). L16.

3. Made smaller by contraction; shrunken, narrowed; condensed, concise; restricted, narrow. L16.

4. Collected, combined. Only in E17.

5. Incurred, acquired. M17.

contractedly adverb E17.

contractedness noun M17.

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