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cookie /ˈkʊki/ noun [countable]

(cooky) کلوچه ، بیسکویت ، شیرینی خشک
کامپیوتر: اطلاعات یک سایت که بر روی کامپیوتر شما به صورت یک فایل متنی ظاهر می شود

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cookie S3 W3 /ˈkʊki/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1700-1800; Language: Dutch; Origin: koekje, from koek 'cake']

1. especially American English a small flat sweet cake Synonym : biscuit British English:
a glass of milk and a cookie
a chocolate chip cookie

2. tough/smart cookie informal someone who is clever and successful, and knows how to get what they want

3. that’s the way the cookie crumbles informal said when something bad has happened and you must accept things the way they are, even though you do not want to

4. technical information that a website leaves in your computer so that the website will recognize you when you use it again

5. American English old-fashioned an attractive young woman

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