cool down
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: cool down (to)

معماری: خنک شدن
cool down phrasal verb (see also cool)

1. to make something slightly colder, or to become slightly colder:
The air has cooled down a little now.
cool somebody/something ↔ down
A cold beer will cool you down.

2. to become calm after being angry:
After I cooled down I realized I had been wrong.

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cool down
to stop feeling angry.
After the girls were kept apart for a while, tempers cooled down and the shouting stopped.

I was really angry, so I left the house and took a walk to cool off.

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cool down
cool off/down
to let one's anger die away
When the basketball players began to cool down they were allowed to play again.

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cool down
v. To lose or cause to lose the heat of any deep feeling (as love, enthusiasm, or anger); make or become calm, cooled or indifferent; lose interest.
A heated argument can be settled better if both sides cool down first.
John was deeply in love with Sally before he left for college, but he cooled off before he got back.
Their friendship cooled off when Jack gave up football.
The neighbor's complaint about the noise cooled the argument down.

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