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cooperate (also co-operate) /kəʊˈɒpəreɪt $ koʊˈɑːp-/ verb [intransitive]

همیاری کردن ، باهم کار کردن ، همدستی کردن ، تشریک مساعی کردن ، اشتراک مساعی کردن ، تعاون کردن
Synonyms: work together, collaborate, combine, conspire, coordinate, join forces, pool resources, pull together
Antonyms: counteract
Contrasted words: annul, negate, nullify, negative, neutralize
Related Words: agree, coincide

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cooperate AC (also co-operate British English) /kəʊˈɒpəreɪt $ koʊˈɑːp-/ verb [intransitive]
[Word Family: noun: operation, cooperation, operative, cooperative, operator; adjective: operational, operative, cooperativeuncooperative; verb: operate, cooperate; adverb: operationally, cooperatively]
[Word Family: noun: cooperation, cooperative; verb: cooperate; adverb: cooperativelyUNCOOPERATIVELY; adjective: cooperativeuncooperative]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Late Latin; Origin: past participle of cooperari, from Latin co- (co-) + operari 'to work']

1. to work with someone else to achieve something that you both want
cooperate in/on
The two universities are to cooperate in the development of a new industrial process.
They agreed to co-operate with Brazil on a programme to protect the rain forests.
cooperate with
Lions cooperate with each other when hunting game.
As chairman I was anxious to co-operate with Mr Baker as far as possible.
The church seeks to cooperate closely with local schools.
cooperate to do something
Both sides agreed to co-operate to prevent illegal fishing in the area.

2. to do what someone wants you to do
cooperate with
I advised my client to cooperate fully with the police.
If you refuse to co-operate, I’ll kill you.

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ADV. fully He has said he will cooperate fully with the police enquiries.
VERB + COOPERATE will/would | agree to, be prepared to, be willing to | refuse to
PREP. in The two companies are cooperating in the development of a new engine.
on cooperating on a research project
with The firm has agreed to cooperate with the employment survey.

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