corned ●●○○○
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corned adjective. [kɔ:nd]

نمک زده ، نمک سود ، دانه دار
corned adjective1.E16-M19.
[from French corné from Latin corneus CORNEOUS: see -ED2.]
Horned; pointed.

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corned adjective2. [kɔ:nd] L16.
[from CORN noun1, verb: see -ED2, -ED1.]
1. Granulated. L16.

2. Preserved or cured with salt. E17.
corned beef beef preserved with salt and often tinned.

3. Drunk, intoxicated. Cf. CORNY adjective1 4. slang. L18.

4. Bearing seeds or grains; having the seeds developed. E19.

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