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coterie /ˈkəʊtəri $ ˈkoʊ-/ noun [countable]

گروه هم مسلک ، انجمن (ادبی واجتماعی)
Synonyms: clique, cabal, camarilla, camp, circle, clan, in-group, mafia, mob, ring

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coterie /ˈkəʊtəri $ ˈkoʊ-/ noun [countable] formal
[Date: 1700-1800; Language: French; Origin: Old French, 'group of farmers renting land', from an unrecorded Old French cotier 'someone who lives in a cottage, farmer', from Medieval Latin cotarius, from English cot; cottage]
a small group of people who enjoy doing the same things together, and do not like including others ⇒ clique

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