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countenance /ˈkaʊntənəns, ˈkaʊntɪnəns/ noun

سیما ، قیافه ، رخ ، تشویق کردن ، پشتیبانی کردن
Synonyms: look, cast, expression, face, visage, dial, features, kisser, map, mug, pan, phiz, puss
Synonyms: encourage, advocate, favor, approve, accept, approbate, go (for), hold (with)
Antonyms: discountenance
Contrasted words: deride, ridicule, criticize, reprehend, reprobate, reproach, reprove
Related Idioms: (the) cut of one's jib
Related Words: applaud, commend, back, champion, support, uphold

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I. countenance1 /ˈkaʊntənəns, ˈkaʊntɪnəns/ noun
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: contenance 'behavior', from Latin continentia 'holding back from doing what you want, continence', from continere; contain]
[countable] literary your face or your expression:
All colour drained from her countenance.

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II. countenance2 verb [transitive]
formal to accept, support, or approve of something
countenance (somebody) doing something
I will not countenance you being rude to Dr Baxter.

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